Today CEO hosted guest speaker Philip Krupps. Philip had previously given the students a tour of the Brown County State Bank but came back today to speak with them about finances as they plan their individual businesses.

Philip spoke to the students about many financial concepts like capital, net income, taxes, fixed assests, variable assets and more. He helped them understand the overall picture of how finances work for business.

Philip was very engaging as he spoke about these topics that can be somewhat tedious and was able to give practical answers and advice to them individually. The team took pages of notes and asked many questions.

He also encouraged them. He reminded them that they will fail and that’s ok as long they don’t lay there and not get up to try again. He encouraged them to remember that human capital is the very best thing to invest in, so take care of yourself! 

Some of their favorite take aways were:

🔹Saving money is a discipline, investing is a choice.

🔹Human capital is the most important investment so take care of it like you would any other asset.

🔹Don’t fixate on the outcomes focus on what drives those outcomes.

🔹Unlimited wants, limited resources

A big thank you to Philip for investing in the CEO program and for graciously giving your time and talent to the students this week!

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