Benjamin Prather

About Me

My name is Ben Prather. I am a Junior in High School and I live in Schuyler County. I joined the CEO to see all of the great business opportunities. I'm an only child, but everyone in the CEO program seems like a brother and sister already! I'm looking forward to seeing the group and solo businesses people come up Some of my hobbies are baking and putting things together. I am unsure of what  will do after school, but if it has to do with putting things together, I'll always be interested!






DISC Characteristics

  • You might be hesitant to share your opinion with others if the topic is divisive or hotly contested.
  • Generally speaking, people find you warm, open and excellent at interacting with others.
  • You bring a high degree of self-control to work. You steadily move towards the completion of a task.
  • You want little, if any, "routine" work.